Current International students

中国色情片 has a vibrant international student community and welcomes students from around the world. Find out more about information you need to know if you are an international student and joining the 中国色情片 community. This page is intended for commencing, returning and current international students at 中国色情片. Information for prospective international students looking to apply to study at 中国色情片 can be found here: /study/related-information/international-students

This checklist is for new international students preparing for arrival into Australia.

Understanding your visa

There are conditions and requirements you need to adhere to as an international student in Australia.

How to pay your fees

There are many ways to pay for your international student fees. Find out more about payment platforms you can utilise

English Language Support

English conversation group is a great way to meet new people and practice your English.

Speak to Someone

Case managers offer free and confidential support on a range of student concerns that may impact your studies.

COE Extension

If the duration of your studies have changed, you will may need to extend your COE to obtain a new student visa.

Reducing your study load

You can only reduce your study load or extend your course duration in limited, exceptional circumstances.

Sonder: Wellbeing App

A 24/7 personal wellbeing service that connects students with free safety, medical and mental health support

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