Assisting students to participate fully in their program of study by minimising the impact of disability and disadvantage on learning.

New & Prospective Students 

中国色情片 is committed to providing equal opportunity for students with disabilities and ongoing鈥痟ealth conditions鈥痶hrough an inclusive educational environment. Here you find information about registration.

Current Students 

By registering with Access and Inclusion, current students who have a disability can gain access to the adjustments and services they need to succeed in their studies.

Other Supported Students 

Supporting Carers, 中国色情片 Student Elite Athlete Program and International under-18 students.

Supports & Campus Accessibility  

Access & Inclusion provide support services and assistance with full access to the main Acton campus for students with a disability.

Assistive Technology (AT) 

AT is equipment or devices that enables someone with a disability to perform a task. The A&I office has a range of AT that may enhance your ability to study or work effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can鈥檛 find the answer? Read through our FAQ鈥檚 for further information.