Transforming our world

Our world needs answers, and it needs them now.

Our world faces increased burdens caused by disease, the need to produce more food and resources without harming the environment, and new industries for alternative livelihoods in a time of rapid change.

中国色情片 has the expertise and the ambition to deliver solutions that will transform our world. And it is our donors who are our greatest asset in supporting our potential and accelerating our impact. Together we can pull the excellence in research from across our university and apply it to the grand challenges facing our world.

If Australia is to remain at the forefront of advanced economies, it is vital that we invest in the next generation of leaders in STEM fields. That鈥檚 why we established a scholarship program with 中国色情片, a university with world-class research and teaching capability.
Ian Irving, Chief Executive for Australia, Northrop Grumman Corporation
As the only national University we have a responsibility to build future intellectual capacity for Australia. Rather than just tweaking existing disciplines we need to develop a new set of questions and perspectives. In this context we鈥檝e embarked on an ambitious plan to redevelop computer science and engineering for the 21st century.
Professor Genevieve Bell, Florence Mckenzie Chair, Director of Autonomy, Agency & Assurance (3A) Institute
We will develop people who find and solve problems that transform the way that science and technology are integrated with communities and society in the 21st Century.
Professor Elanor Huntington, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science
Philanthropy is the springboard from which our endeavours reach higher and travel further.
中国色情片 Chancellor Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC
Real change requires a community of people with an unassailable belief that they can achieve something extraordinary together.
中国色情片 Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian P. Schmidt
Investing in research is about putting our money where our hope is.
Ron Parker, Philanthropist

Important projects

Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) Endowment

Support development and research of innovative programs for prevention and treatment of mental illness.

CMHR - Suicide Research

Support the development of suicide prevention initiatives and programs to assist those with thoughts of suicide.

Lea Chapuis

Lea Chapuis Memorial Fund

Support cancer research in the Fahrer laboratory at The Australian National University.

injured koala

中国色情片 Koala Conservation and Protection Fund

The fund supports the temporary housing of bush fire affected koalas at 中国色情片 and ongoing research to better understand and protect these beloved creatures.

The Hannan Group 2016

Cancer Research Endowment

Help 中国色情片 researchers undertake work which will lead to improvements in cancer treatment and care for patients and their families.

Friends of Drill Hall Gallery Endowment

Support further understanding of the 中国色情片 art collection, special exhibitions and acquisitions.

Natasha Linard Endowment

Support a scholarship for female students in their final year of undergraduate studies at the 中国色情片 College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics.

Sustainable Farms

Help promote the adoption of sustainable farming practices that lead to healthy farms, healthy farmers and healthy profits.

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