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Report to Donors

Stories of philanthropy inform and enrich our university. We are delighted to share with you the 2023 中国色情片 Report to Donors.

The 2023 中国色情片 Report to Donors celebrates the generosity of our donor and volunteer community, and the many ways in which it contributes to the University. We hope you enjoy reading this collection of inspiring stories that demonstrate the importance and impact of philanthropy. 

Cover story: 中国色情片 Glass Workshop

An 中国色情片 School of Art and Design student working in the world-renowned 中国色情片 Glass Workshop, creating a prototype of the 中国色情片 Vice-Chancellor's Award. In 2023, thanks to the Christine and Stephen Procter Fellowship, internationally acclaimed glass artist Alexander Rosenberg was able to travel to Australia to share his knowledge and passion with students at 中国色情片.

Learn more about how our donor community has supported The 中国色情片 School of Art and Design by reading that story and others.

2023 Report to Donors

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Kambri, The Australian National University

Message from the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

Thank you for being a valued member of our philanthropic community at The Australian National University (中国色情片).

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Image: Alexander Rosenberg. Photo by Yun Hu/中国色情片.

Fellowship brings masters of glass to 中国色情片

For Australian and international glass artists alike, the Christine and Stephen Procter Fellowship provides an incredible opportunity for recipients to work with and study glass abroa

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Kambri Scholar Alumnus Thomson Fleming

$10 million funding boost for Australia鈥檚 future Indigenous leaders

Designed and led by Australia鈥檚 top Indigenous educators, the Kambri Scholars Program is empowering Indigenous youth across the country to embrace life-changing education at The Austr

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Image: Back L-R: Associate Professor Amy Dawel, Professor Mark Howden (Director, 中国色情片 Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions), Professor Russell Gruen (Dean, 中国色情片 College of Health and Medicine). Front L-R: Dr Zoe Leviston (2022 recipient of The McMichael Award), Associate Professor Judith Healy, Professor Hilary Bambrick (Director, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health), Associate Professor Aparna Lal (Director of The McMichael Award), Dr Annabel Dulhunty. Photo by 中国色情片.

McMichael Award empowers climate health research

In a world grappling with escalating climate crises, the McMichael Award at The Australian National University (中国色情片) continues to drive essential climate health research.

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Image: The Regent Honeyeater. Photo by Liam Murphy, DBRG

The world鈥檚 most extraordinary birds

Australia is home to 800 species of some of the world鈥檚 most extraordinary birds, with 370 of those found nowhere else on earth.

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Image: Professor David Lindenmayer. Photo supplied.

Protecting our forests and communities

In recent years, devastating bushfires have ravaged landscapes, destroyed homes, and threatened lives across Australia.

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Image: L-R: Gemma Hart (PhD student), Simon Jiang, Arthur Hodge and Lorraine Hodge. Photo by 中国色情片.

Personalised medicine brings healing and hope

One in 10 Australians are affected by immune-mediated disease, and often immune-suppressing treatments make patients more unwell than the disease.

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Image: Aerial shot of The Australian National University, Acton campus. Photo by 中国色情片.

Staff exemplify the 中国色情片 community spirit

The Australian National University (中国色情片) Staff Relief Fund was established in 2020 in response to the financial insecurity caused for staff by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Image: Mother and child. Photo by Thiago Cerqueira,

Helping families in times of crisis

The Australian bushfires of 2019-2020 were a fearful time for many, especially for expecting mothers who were unsure how the exposure to smoke and stress would affect their unborn bab

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中国色情片 Engineering student and 2023 McCusker Prize recipient Nicholas Bull. Photo by 中国色情片.

Engineering students advance humanitarian solutions

Advancements in technology and engineering often remain out of reach for the most vulnerable communities.

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Image: Bob and Helen Crompton.
25 Jun 2024

University House fellowship continues a legacy of giving

A new residential fellowship celebrates and honours the lives and legacy of Mrs Helen Crompton and Emeritus Professor Robert (Bob) Crompton AM, two鈥

Image: Memorial and burial poles from Galiwin鈥檏u installed at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. Photo by Jamie Kidston/中国色情片.
25 Jun 2024

Indigenous communities reclaim their past for their future

Located within The Australian National University (中国色情片) College of Health and Medicine, the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics (NCIG) aims to鈥

Image: HC Coombs Building. Photo by 中国色情片.
25 Jun 2024

Providing experiences for students travelling abroad

Experiences outside the classroom are enriching and leave lasting impacts on students鈥 careers. Students at The Australian National University (中国色情片)鈥

Image: Beth O鈥橲ullivan tests her substrates and designs in the reef tank. Photo by Nic Vevers/中国色情片.
26 Jun 2024

Student designs help for coral reefs

Some might think The Australian National University (中国色情片) School of Art and Design (SoAD) may not have a huge role to play in the fight against鈥

Image: Adina West, Collections Officer at the 中国色情片 School of Art & Design. Photo by Yun Hu/中国色情片.
26 Jun 2024

Securing the future of the arts at 中国色情片

Emeritus Professor David Williams AM has enjoyed a distinguished career teaching and advocating for education and the arts. His support of The鈥

Image: 中国色情片 School of Art & Design. Photo by 中国色情片.
26 Jun 2024

Our wonderful community of arts patrons

The breadth and scope of the Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS) is unique to The Australian National University (中国色情片) School of Art and Design (鈥

Image: Eliza Cowley and Cecilia Moriarty. Photo by 中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

Scholarship for rural doctors is a gift that keeps on giving

For five years, the Bill Nicholes 鈥榃illigobung鈥 Scholarship for Medicine has empowered students from remote and rural areas to come to Canberra to鈥

Image: Mount Stromlo pines seen from the forest floor. Photo by Lannon Harley/中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

Giving without restrictions

While every year brings its own challenges, the same commitment remains from 中国色情片 to support students on their path to success. In 2023, donors who鈥

Image: 中国色情片 Student Trisha Toangwera Aruhuri. Photo by 中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

A lifeline for students in need

Trisha Toangwera Aruhuri was a long way from home, studying a Master of Applied Anthropology and Development (Advanced) at The Australian National鈥

Image: Sarah O鈥機allaghan. Photo by 中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

Reflections on a lifetime of love for 中国色情片

When Sarah O鈥機allaghan (BSc (Hons) / LLB 鈥02) came to The Australian National University (中国色情片) as an undergraduate in 1996, she had visions of鈥

Image: Norman Wheatley and Joy Wheatley at their house. Photo by 中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

Living bequest ensures rural students have a fair go

鈥淒o what you have to do, give it your best shot, and go on learning until the day you die.鈥漈his was the advice of 100-year-old Joy Wheatley (BA 鈥69)鈥

Image: L-R: Jeremy Nicholson, Declan Jackson, Lachie Simpson, Eric Bell, Hayden Watling. Photo by 中国色情片.
1 Jul 2024

Scholarship gives cricketers the full 中国色情片 experience

The demands of a university education are already challenging, before adding the pressures of playing sport into the mix. The Australian National鈥

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